Yugo Mauser Auctions

Yugo Mauser Auctions

The round itself came about as a result of France adopting the 8 x 50Rmm Lebel cartridge in , which was the first small bore service rifle cartridge loaded with smokeless powder to be used by a major power. Although the 8mm Mauser round is normally thought of as strictly a German military cartridge, it was actually one of the most commonly encountered military cartridges of the 20th century with several countries adopting the round and various versions of Mauser rifles for use by their armed forces. It was also a very popular cartridge among European hunters and anyone living in or going to parts of Africa that had any sort of German influence. The Winchester Model 70 was, however, chambered for the 8mm Mauser in at least one instance and you can see a photo of a Class 1 Special Order: Target Rifle with the barrel marked 7. An uncommon rifle, to say the least. The 8mm Mauser cartridge, when it was first introduced, was regarded by military authorities as a small bore. Which seems odd in this day and age of the U. They fired large, heavy, lead bullets that generally weighed around grains or so at roughly 1, feet per second with trajectories that resembled the arc of a rainbow. Recoil levels with cartridges such as the.

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Frog for Swedish Mauser Bayonet. These frogs are used by the Swedish military. They are still in good condition. Bayonets, Scabbards Frogs For the m94 carbine and m96 rifle.

The Zastava M48 (Serbo-Croatian: Puška M 7,9 mm / Пушка M 7,9 mm, “Rifle M mm”) is a post World War II Yugoslavian version of the German Karabiner 98k designed by Mauser and the Belgian designed M24 series.

There were only about 30, M48’s produced in Branko gives 53, or 52, depending on source, as the production figures for He acredits his figures to records from the archives of the “museum, old foundry, Zastava Arms Factory, Kragujevac” and secondary count, where differing from the “Military archives, Belgrade. The drop is cited as a result of retooling for the model B. Remeber, the production models were However, total production for would then exceed , when the greatest single years production previously was just over , In spite of retooling, that strikes me as unbalanced so I’m not sure of when they “finished” assembling rifles.

I’ve asked Branko about that but I’m afraid the answer was not clear to me. However he found that it was a better solution to divide it in two parts: In the attachment you will find the original to see the difference.


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Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS rifle, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant – x39 caliber – Very Good to Excellent Condition. Make sure to read Brutus’ Description below for full details on condition of the rifles and accessories.

Right now submarines are in the ascendant; navies around the world are going to actively pinging sonar because the diesel-electric submarines are so advanced in their stealth, passive sonar detection no longer works. A mini-submarine may have launched torpedoes that sank the South Korean ASW corvette the Cheonan or laid the sea mine that shot torpedoes that sank her. During WW2, the clever Italians were in the process of raiding New York harbor by flying their human torpedo mini-subs under 4-engined, long-range seaplanes or in watertight containers on top of longer-range, large submarines In preparations were well underway to deploy these weapons against the United States.

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Find rifles for sale at GunBroker. Get the rifles you want today from a trusted online source on GunBroker. Scope mount for Swed Mauser 94 carbine? I just want to hunt with it but I much prefer scoped rifles I’ve done a couple things with Swedish Mausers. Then I got the idea of throwing in a sporterized Swedish Mauser instead as an I want a scoped rifle but wouldn’t want to hurt my existing m

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On April 5, the factory changed its name to Zastava oruzje arms AD, and is still located in Kragujevac, but the country is now known as Serbia. The M sidearm was adopted in and was the standard sidearm of the Yugoslavian army. The M is a self-loading, semi-automatic pistol that operates using a short recoil, locked breech design with a swinging under barrel link, much like the one seen on the Colt The M is chambered for the 7.

The pistol has been designed to operate as a single action firearm that utilizes an external hammer. After the first round has been fired, it then functions as a double action. The steel frame has the usual blackish finish that is commonly seen on Eastern bloc firearms. The sight system includes a square blade front sight that is dovetailed onto the slide and a U-notch rear sight that is drift adjustable for windage only.

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Iron sights or telescopic sight. The main problem that the Yugoslav government had to face was the lack of funds and the fear of an imminent conflict. A temporary solution was found in refurbishing the rifles that were captured or left over by the Germans. They were noted for their reliability, great accuracy, effective range and would not require a new mass production plant – thanks to the fact that all the components of the rifles were already available.

Yugoslav M A New M98 Mauser. By Charles Q. Cutshaw The classic Mauser M98 defined bolt action military rifles during the first half of the 20th Century, having been adopted by over 40 nations in one form or another, including the United States, which paid Mauser a $, licensing fee to produce the venerable M rifle.

The M48s generally use the Elm stock often called “teak”. M48s use K98 style cuts in the stock. If you plan on mounting the correct “Zrak” scope, I’d say get the M That being said, if you want to build a custom Mauser sporter, you’d be better off to get a Czech VZ You can’t go wrong either way, though. Other than that, there isn’t really any difference. Personally, I’d get whichever one you can find in the best condition. It came covered in cosmoline and after I cleaned it up, bled out the cosmo from the stock, and refinished the stock it’s quite purty now: I’m not a Mauser expert but they’ll probably bolts from M ‘s?

As a lefty, it’s easier for me to cycle the action without taking the gun off my shoulder if the bolt is straight. On a German Mauser, for example, I have to cant the gun a little to be able to reach the bent bolt. I’ve no doubt that these are great rifles.

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The Swede Mauser is a great contender to turn that trend around. Dating mauser rifles a Yugo Mauser. Dating a Yugo Mauser. All hunting rifles made by Mauser are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology. Dating mauser rifles In the end they ordered their own simpler variation of the 91 Argentine Mauser known as the 90 Turkish.

This site is NOT intented to be a subsitute for a reloading manual rather it exists to aid knowledgable reloaders in developing loads for their NOT attempt to reload until you have received proper instruction and have read / understood a quality reloading manual.. Remember your are the final judge of whether or not a load is safe!

Nov – Feb The initial version of the M48, with full crest and all machined steel parts. These changes sped production while lowering cost. The critical bolt and receiver which contain the pressure of the burning propellant within the cartridge case retained the same material requirements and design tolerances i. The most critical factor to understand about this model is that it continued to be stamped on the receiver ring M48A. There was no change in markings. The specific changes in parts is unverified but include stamped barrel and H-bands and the magazine spring follower.

The most significant change and external appearance whereby the M48B may be identified is the trigger guard. The new trigger guard has a rib running around the exterior of both sides.

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