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Ts 60 72 web by Truck & Car Shop

Minimum size 1, x 1, pixels Message Board: Its factory horsepower seems sufficient, but to a mechanical engineer at heart me , it needs more. I have done a bit of research on the potential of this 4. Some say to get rid of the car. Can this engine setup handle added horsepower without making me dump thousands into all-forged parts? What should I do to strengthen my motor to handle a hp nitrous shot? Are my existing cams big enough to supply the air needed for more bang? The Caddy XLR is a 4. Can I swap its goodies like the cams and pistons? After rebuilding the block and heads, is the aluminum going to lose its strength?

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A GM With A R4 Transmission

The fact that it is not electrically actuated by solenoids means it requires other apparatus to regulate shift points. Simply put, an automatic transmission, whether an early or late model, relies on hydraulic pressure to change gears and to regulate at which time it does so. The vacuum modulator affects the shift points with the use of engine vacuum.

Aug 27,  · I just instaled a new th Guy at the tranny shop said it needs 16in. of vac to shift properly. my old tranny vacuum line ran to the carb. He said thats not good enough, need to run it .

The Turbo was known as a durable transmission and was used extensively by GM. However, over time the Turbo will develop problems, as with any type of transmission, but troubleshooting this transmission is easier than many other types due to its basic design. Other People Are Reading Turbo Specifications No Drive in “D” Position If the transmission fails to propel the vehicle forward when the transmission selector is in the “D” position, the problem is probably a lack of transmission fluid, a linkage which needs adjustment or low fluid pressure.

Check whether the transmission has enough fluid in it first, since this is most common reason and because the fluid level is easy to check. Withdraw the transmission’s dipstick underneath the hood with the engine running, then check the fluid level on the dipstick. If the transmission has enough fluid, check whether the manual linkage on the driver’s side of the transmission requires adjustment. Finally, the transmission may not be able to produce enough pressure to circulate the fluid throughout the engine.

A failure to produce sufficient pressure is typically caused by a damaged or missing O-ring seal or a blocked oil strainer. No Drive in “R” Position If the transmission fails to propel the vehicle backward when the transmission selector is in the “R” position, the problem is probably a lack of transmission fluid, a linkage which needs adjustment, or a problem with the valve body. As in Section 1, check the transmission’s fluid level first, followed by the manual linkage on the driver’s side of the transmission.

If the problem persists, the control valve body gasket may be either leaking or damaged. If the valve body has recently been removed from the transmission, make sure that the low-reverse check ball was installed.

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Images 3 If you look at the picture of the carb you will see that the two small vac connections are at different heights. The right hand one is lower because it sense manifold pressure under the flaps in the carb. This gives you vacuum at part throttle and the most vac at idle when the flaps are closed so you can get the best advance signal for the dissy at idle and low rpm on the transition to higher rpm where the bob weights in the dissy should take over.

If you fit a vac gauge and do some testing from idle to high rpm you should see that the left hand ports vac signal increases as the flaps open wide and rpm’s increase.

R4 to TH Swap. Steel line to run to the vacuum modulator; Vacuum tee to tap into MANIFOLD vacuum. (by detent) cycle tranny selector to the neutral posistion, tighten adjustor. P-R-N-D will all line up the 1st two gears will endup somewhere between the

You will want to be able to identify a ported vacuum source from a manifold vacuum source from an EGR vacuum source. Ports are also supplied on most carbs for the PCV system and for a power brake booster. At idle there should be no vacuum or very nearly so, depending on how far the primary throttle blades are opened to allow the engine to idle. Engines having big cams and a low vacuum signal at idle will often have the primary throttle blades opened too far, causing a vacuum signal at the ported vacuum port s.

This can cause “nozzle drip”, a harsh odor of exhaust, and a poor idle quality. This can be fixed by supplying the engine with bypass idle air sufficient to allow the throttle blades to be returned to a normal position. More on this [link to carb article]. There is always debate on which type of vacuum for the vacuum advance is “best”. The simple truth of the matter is there are reasons for either to be used, depending on the situation.

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Turbo is a 3 speed non overdrive transmission. Gear Ratios as follows: Many are not aware this 12in exists and refer to the 9in as long shaft, when its actually an intermediate shaft 4 4×4 Output shaft used to marry Turbo to Tcase with proper adapter. Apparently, there may be 2 different 4×4 Output sizes. Turbo Detent Cable must be hooked up to have kickdown passing gear function, and proper shift points. However, unlike the r4, the detent cable is NOT a TV Throttle Valve cable that regulates fluid pressure although their functions are very similar, but a Turbo will not be harmed by driving without the Detent Cable connected but shifts will be very early.

Strike up a conversation about automatic transmissions for our First gear is also deeper, with a to 1 ratio in the R4. (The TH three speed offers a to 1 low gear, and the TH low gear ratio is to 1.) (TV) and TV cable that replaced the vacuum modulator in the older automatic transmissions. The L diesel engine.

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The function of the cable is similar to the combined functions of a vacuum modulator and a detent cable.” the installer can easily determine whether the TV cable system is set up and responding correctly using the following methods and tools.

Index Home About Blog Newsgroups: Chevy TH shift points Date: Mon, 04 Apr 94 I have a problem in that the trans. I was going to reply to Jon directly but I thought that the answer might be of general interest so I decided to post it instead. First, I need to ask a qualifying question: If so, then the kit may the cause of your problems. In any case, read on for some ideas. A few comments about how the trans works: The harshness of the shift is determined solely by engine vacuum; the vacuum modulator is used to sense the vacuum and to change the vacuum signal into a pressure signal inside the tranny.

The higher this pressure, the more harshly the trans shifts. This modulator pressure is also used to decide at what road speed to shift. The road speed is measured by a governor which is at the tail of the tranny.

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They have been known to have the diaphragm rupture and this would create a loss of fluid in the trans and a shift concern. Pull the hose at the manifold or modulator and check for fluid softness in the hose or fluid. These areas should NOT have fluid in them Most replacement modulators are now adjustable, and they are relatively inexpensive and easy to try.

The adjuster screw is inside the unit, you put a screwdriver in the vacuum tube connection. The one on your trans may be adjustable, so that’s the first thing to try.

The old-school vacuum modulator is connected to engine manifold vacuum and adjusts trans line pressure based on throttle opening (load). hook up switched 12 volts and switched ground to.

This obsession with control started with electronic fuel injection in the late s and eventually expanded into suspension and transmission control. All late-model overdrive automatics are now microprocessor managed, which makes converting one of these transmissions more expensive, since it requires a separate, stand-alone electronic controller. Car Craft did a complete comparison of six different transmission controllers for the 4L80E four-speed automatic overdrive transmission in the Mar.

This pushed us to look for a less expensive alternative. This conversion requires permanent modifications to mount a vacuum modulator valve to the valvebody. The old-school vacuum modulator is connected to engine manifold vacuum and adjusts trans line pressure based on throttle opening load. As the throttle is opened to wide-open throttle WOT , manifold vacuum approaches zero, which increases trans line pressure to ensure that the clutches see maximum hydraulic application pressure.

The kit is not that expensive, but it does require removing the valvebody and a permanent change. To update the trans back to electronic control at a later date would require a new valvebody. When 12 volts is applied to the box, the transmission operates under full manual control.

Transmission modulator replacement (early GM 4T60-E models)

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