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Czech Republic beer was first brewed more than five thousand years ago, a fact not many beer fans are aware of. More than fifteen different kinds of beer were brewed in that time period, a fact the rest of the world didn’t know until the early twentieth century. The discovery came from deciphered Sumerian clay tablets, and even though some historians often reject the accuracy of these translations, many others believe them to be true.

Some evidence points to harvests of hops—used in the beer-making process—dating back to the first century and exportation of those very hops happening less than fifty years later. All this points to the well-known fact that many breweries in the Czech Republic create award winning beer that is shipped, literally, all over the world.

The famous Saz Czech hops owe their name to the city of Zatec, the main hop-growing district in the Czech Republic in northwestern Bohemia. Lower in the alpha acids adhumulone and cohumulone than traditional hop varieties, and also lower in the stronger beta acids colupone and lupulone, Czech hops are richer in resins, tannins and fragrant oils, creating a much more appealing taste for beer drinkers.

Czech Republic beer also owes its fine taste to the expert barley malting process refined over the centuries. A sweeter, more delicate flavor with a clean aftertaste is the result of this barley in the final Czech beer products. Moravia , particularly the Hanna District, is the biggest area cultivating barley in the nation. Plzen is the original home of Pilsen beer, or as many know it, Pilsener Urquell. One of the most famous breweries in Czech Republic is in Plzen where tours of the facility can take up an entire day after tasting, exploring and learning the history behind it all.

Plzen Brewery Museum recounts the history behind Czech Republic beer. The building itself is a fifteenth-century malthouse and home to the Prazdroj Brewery.

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About. Berenika Kohoutová is a 27 year old Czech Actress. Born on 15th February, in Prague, Czech republic, she is famous for Nepravdepodobná romance (), PanMáma () .

During the Hussite Wars , it was the centre of Catholic resistance to the Hussites: Prokop the Great unsuccessfully besieged it three times, and it joined the league of Catholic nobles against King George of Podebrady. Wallenstein made it his winter quarters in The town was unsuccessfully besieged by the Swedes in and The town and region have been staunchly Catholic despite the Hussite Wars.

The city centre has been under cultural heritage preservation since After the second largest employer was the National Railways train workshop, with about 2, employees: This burst of industry had two important effects: After first Czech mayor of the city was elected.

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History Plzen, nowadays Metropolis of West Bohemia, was founded by Czech King Wenceslas II in At the beginning of the 15th century, Plzen was one of the original centers of Hussite movement, but after expelling the Hussite leader Jan Zizka and his allies in , it became a firm bastion of the Czech Catholic Church until the 17th century.

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Written by Jacy Meyer for Expats. A recent two-day visit definitely proved me wrong. It quickly grew in size and importance thanks to its location on a lucrative trade route with Germany and the nearby river. Architecture styles span the centuries — a fire led to an Italian contingent rebuilding a lot of the city in the 16th century and even Rudolf II reconstructed two houses for himself. In , the historical center of the city was declared a protected historical city reserve.

In the center, residents erected a plague column in It reflects the first Baroque designs in the town. The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, founded in the late 13th century is also here, a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. The steps get steep, but the view is worth the climb. It has been struck several times in the past by lightening, so save it for a sunny day. Of course, you have to visit the brewery.

English tours are run daily at If you have a group, you can make a reservation on their website.

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At the beginning of the 15th century, Plzen was one of the original centers of Hussite movement, but after expelling the Hussite leader Jan Zizka and his allies in , it became a firm bastion of the Czech Catholic Church until the 17th century. Rapid economic and cultural growth could be observed in the second half of the 15th century and the following 16th century. The city of Plzen strode into the 20th century as a developed industrial, economic and cultural city.

MPEG , high quality, [ x ], 6. Bartholomew’s Church is an outstanding building dating from the late 13th to early 16th century. It combines three developmental Gothic features on the principle of a three-part nave entrance hall. It is the dominant architectural feature of the city. MPEG , high quality, [ x ], We can walk through the network of streets which up-to-now preserved its original and extraordinary groundplan of the orthogonal chessboard of a Gothic town.

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The larger cities, such as Prague, Brno, Olomoc and Plzen are full of street cafes, which are like magnets for attracting young people. Again, these cities are pretty well stocked with night clubs, music bars, bistros and fast-food centres, all of which are great places to meet single women and girls.

These imported German grains and hops give Nashville Lager a delicate malty mouthfeel balanced with a spicy hop character. By the end of the 19th century, the popularity of Czech pilsner beer spread throughout Europe and to the U. Nashville Pilsner is a traditional Czech pilsner brewed in the traditional Bohemian fashion using pilsner malt and Saaz hops. Bavarian monks borrowed this stronger style to enjoy as a supplement during times of fasting. The beer became known as “bock”, which means “goat” in German.

Goats are often portrayed on the label and they symbolize the strong, hearty character of this beer. This was the style enjoyed at the first Oktoberfest in European immigrants brewed amber lagers in America which were slightly lighter and less malty than their European cousins. Although extremely popular prior to prohibition, amber lagers all but disappeared afterwards.

We are proud to resurrect this wonderful pre-prohibition style Amber Lager. Historians have dated black beers back to Bavaria for nearly 1, years.

Alex 223.068 – Ex 353 ALBERT EINSTEIN – Plzeň hl.n.

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