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Posted November 16th, for Technical University of Munich Virtual models will transform the product development process. A study by economists at the Technical University of Munich TUM shows that drastic disruption lies ahead for seven different sectors, impacting existing products, business models and production processes. These sectors include manufacturing, retail and the real estate sector. When new technologies are integrated into a wide range of applications, as opposed to merely generating single products, they can revolutionize entire industries. Virtual and augmented reality have that potential. Virtual reality technology VR creates a virtual environment with which people can interact using mobile devices, especially VR glasses.

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Brussels, 24 March Commission concludes on Microsoft investigation, imposes conduct remedies and a fine The European Commission has concluded, after a five-year investigation, that Microsoft Corporation broke European Union competition law by leveraging its near monopoly in the market for PC operating systems OS onto the markets for work group server operating systems 1 and for media players 2.

Because the illegal behaviour is still ongoing, the Commission has ordered Microsoft to disclose to competitors, within days, the interfaces 3 required for their products to be able to ‘talk’ with the ubiquitous Windows OS. Microsoft is also required, within 90 days, to offer a version of its Windows OS without Windows Media Player to PC manufacturers or when selling directly to end users. After an exhaustive and extensive investigation of more than five years and three statements of objections 4 , the Commission has today taken a decision finding that US software company Microsoft Corporation has violated the EU Treaty’s competition rules by abusing its near monopoly 5 Article 82 in the PC operating system.

Microsoft abused its market power by deliberately restricting interoperability between Windows PCs and non-Microsoft work group servers, and by tying its Windows Media Player WMP , a product where it faced competition, with its ubiquitous Windows operating system. This illegal conduct has enabled Microsoft to acquire a dominant position in the market for work group server operating systems, which are at the heart of corporate IT networks, and risks eliminating competition altogether in that market.

“The new payment system [ ] will assist the banks as they work toward commercializing a high-speed, transparent and traceable cross-border payments solution between Japan and Brazil,” the press release .

From a knowledge perspective, educated consumers are aware of the shift of assets out of banks and brokerage houses into independent custodians. However, statistics alone oftentimes are not enough evidence to provide comfort to a transitioning financial advisor. Advisors need to understand exactly how the service model their clients have come to expect will be able to be replicated. This service model needs to span the deliverable spectrum, from access to investment products to the utilization of human capital for estate planning or insurance solutions.

The beauty of the independent advisory movement is its tremendous level of flexibility, which can create a far superior client experience. Here are some of the common myths around independence and a few of the most frequently asked questions during the discovery phase of the transition to independence. The reality is that the evolution of financial services has created an open architecture distribution model versus a proprietary captive one.

Steve Schwarzbach, co-founder and partner of Icon Wealth Partners states: Now we have an even broader, more robust set of investment solutions than at our previous firms. There are also a wide variety of human capital solutions from estate planning specialists to family wealth coaches that can be employed to provide expertise to end clients.

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Pitch your product in match-made appointments with hosted buyers from some of the biggest Chinese travel companies of Greater China. Gain access to the variety of exclusive networking opportunities by selecting a practical shell scheme format or a raw space for your individually designed booth. New opportunities arise at this unique exhibition by meeting new destinations and products of great potential from providers all over the world.

TAMPA, FL (February 20, ) – On February 25th, Ad 2 Tampa Bay, the unified voice of Tampa Bay’s emerging advertising professionals, will host a unique Internship Speed Dating experience at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ybor City from pmpm; aimed at finding the perfect summer intern match for advertising and marketing professionals.

Both programs are part of CED’s 25th Annual Venture Conference and present unique opportunities for young start-ups to gain exposure to and experience with the investment community. The Angel Investor Retreat will be held from am on April 17th, where these eight pre-screened, early-stage companies will have the opportunity to present to an audience of angel and early-stage investors.

The retreat is dedicated to showcasing companies from across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic seeking seed-stage funding from angel and early-stage investors. Presenting companies represent the region’s top seed-stage companies, focusing on a diverse range of industries and growth strategies. That same afternoon, another group of twelve young companies will have an even more unique opportunity to “speed date” with investors interested in getting a sneak peak at tomorrow’s hot companies.

Each company will engage in an intense 1. They will give a three minute “elevator pitch” to their first group of investors, receive approximately two minutes of feedback, rotate to a new set of investors, and repeat the process. We walked in thinking we were ready. By the end of that one hour session, we actually were. We are thrilled to give a entirely new group of young companies this exciting opportunity once again. Countervail Corporation Charlotte, N. Raleigh, NC Commercializing a patent pending nanoparticle drug delivery system.

Floorazzo Tile Siler City, N.

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European Commission – Press Release details page – European Commission – Press release Strasbourg, 4 July With the situation becoming ever more pressing along the Central Mediterranean Route, the Commission is today setting out a series of immediate measures that can be taken by the EU Member States, the Commission and EU Agencies, and Italy itself.

In addition to announcing pricing for the F Raptor high performance pickup going on sale now in China, Ford will announce plans to start selling the globally popular Ford Ranger mid-size pickup in the market from Ford recently completed extensive market research to better understand Chinese attitudes, wants and needs when it comes to trucks.

Those surveyed said pickups traditionally have been perceived as lacking comfort and modern features. Chinese customers, however, have had more exposure to modern trucks through TV, film and the internet and have become more interested in pickups with more SUV-level comfort and refinement to support their work needs and expanding outdoor lifestyle. At the same time, China has been easing restrictions on pickup usage in city centers, which is another factor driving growing interest in pickups.

The best-selling midsize pickup in Europe, South Africa and New Zealand, and second best-selling midsize truck globally outside North America, Ford Ranger has set a new benchmark in the compact pickup truck segment since its launch, with an uncompromised blend of robust capability, toughness and advanced technology. A bold, modern look lends Ranger a powerful presence on the road, and immediately conveys a sense of capability. A stylish interior creates a comfortable, contemporary and car-like environment for the driver and passengers making Ranger suitable for both work and everyday driving.


But it’s more than just whether someone is hot or not. Whether or not we like to admit it, we all may make snap judgments about a new face. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in speed dating, during which people decide on someone’s romantic potential in just a few seconds. How they make those decisions, however, is not well understood. But now, researchers at the California Institute of Technology Caltech have found that people make such speed-dating decisions based on a combination of two different factors that are related to activity in two distinct parts of the brain.

With a rich history in force technology dating back to , including over 60 granted and pending patents worldwide, Synaptics’ third-generation force-sensing solution, ClearForce, enables global OEMs and LCMs to differentiate smartphones — with tablet, wearables, and automotive manufacturers to follow.

The Software Product License, which is issued to a designated user, enables such designated user to use the Software Product on one domain. You may not create derivative copies of the Software Product License. You may not create derivative copies of the SoftwareProduct. All rights not expressly granted to you are retained by WP Dating. No other copies may be made. Each copy must reproduce all copyright and other proprietary rights notices on or in the Software Product.

Each copy must reproduce all copyright and other proprietary rights notices on or in the Software ProductLicense. The Software Product is protected by the United States and international copyright laws and treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. You must not remove or alter any copyright notices on any copies of the Software Product.


Electric milk floats come in three wheel and four wheel versions, the latter normally larger. They are very quiet, suiting operations in residential areas during the early hours of the morning or during the night. Most electric milk floats do not have seat belts, and the law in the United Kingdom only requires wearing seat belts where these are fitted in the vehicle.

Most of the vehicles operate from the Grandtully Depot in Kelvindale. Some dairies in the UK, including Dairy Crest , have had to modernise and have replaced their electric milk floats with petrol or diesel fuel -powered vehicles to speed up deliveries and thus increase profit.

The entry-level pack includes a pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl and rubber mat for the load area. A second-tier pack adds a luggage partition and quilting to the load area liner, while the.

Download Full-Res Image Those are key conclusions of a new University of Utah study that provides the first definitive date for the landslide and estimates its size and dynamics, including a speed likely as fast as mph. The huge landslide had a volume of million cubic meters or Computer simulations matched known landslide deposits and show the huge slide rushed southeast across Zion Canyon in about 20 seconds, with an average speed of mph and a peak speed of to mph.

Then, for 30 more seconds, the slide debris spread up and down Zion Canyon. The other aspect is the extreme hazard that a similar event would pose if it happened today. The Sentinel slide and another, about one-fifth as big, in Hop Valley in the northern part of the park some 2, years ago. The 4, year-old landslide deposit still produces many smaller slides, including one in that damaged the road between the visitor center and the lodge, Moore says.

Jessica Castleton, University of Utah Volunteer Scott Castleton and University of Utah geologist Jeff Moore collect rock samples from boulders for a new study that provides the first direct date — 4, years ago — for a a gargantuan landslide in what is now Zion National Park, Utah. Because of their large volume, they are relatively rare.

Some people initially thought Zion Canyon was flat because of glacial debris, like Yosemite Valley in California. It is unclear when the Sentinel landslide was discovered, but it first was described in a scientific paper in

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