10 Cool Things Made Out of Beer Cans :: Drink :: Lists :: Paste

10 Cool Things Made Out of Beer Cans :: Drink :: Lists :: Paste

Is it a 16 oz can? Flat top 15 and 16 oz cans came into use starting in so a flat top 16 oz can would date between Krueger Brewing made the only 16 oz cone top in about The Krueger 16 oz Beer cone top is very scarce. The Krueger 16 oz Ale cone top was a tough can until a couple hundred were found in a barn in Vermont. All other 7 and 8 oz cans date from the early s or later. Other odd sizes started to meet local tax laws on alcohol. For 32 oz cans see Quarts and for gallon cans see Gallons. Cone tops came into use in and the last one was used by Rice Lake Brewing in

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Ancient Egyptian cuisine A replica of ancient Egyptian beer, brewed from emmer wheat by the Courage brewery in As almost any cereal containing certain sugars can undergo spontaneous fermentation due to wild yeasts in the air, it is possible that beer-like drinks were independently developed throughout the world soon after a tribe or culture had domesticated cereal. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was produced about 3, BC in what is today Iran , and was one of the first-known biological engineering tasks where the biological process of fermentation is used.

Also, archaeological findings show that Chinese villagers were brewing fermented alcoholic drinks as far back as BC on small and individual scale, with the production process and methods similar to that of ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia.

 · The low profile and j-spout were the earliest, dating from about The “crowntainer” was a different type of can that was drawn steel with a bottom cap. Finally, beer cans also come in ml forms. Old beer can showing punches from a churchkey. Beer can pop-top display at a Budweiser Brewery. Early metal drink cans had History · Standard sizes · Composition · Filling cans · Fabrication process

Regional preferences and traditions help to dictate what shapes were popular and for how long. Some forms are noticeably rare or absent from some areas of the country while popular in others. Unlike other bottles, those for carbonated beverages evolved more frequently over the years. Many of the areas of North America did not have a population to support local manufacture of carbonated beverages and thus forms of that age are absent in those regions.

Some patents were more popular than others. The Hutchinson patent, from Chicago, was used by over 4, different firms for their bottles, while the Arthur Christin patent, of the same city, was only used in a few dozen. Bottles from different countries also vary greatly. Codd patent bottles from the United States are uncommon, but are the norm in Bermuda and other English Colonies.

Hutchinson patent bottles are directly the opposite, with over 14, example from North America and few others in the rest of the world. There are only three figural bottle in the form of Moses, a barrel and a canteen. Early pontil shape, circ:

12 Funniest Beer Commercials

It’s the oldest registered distillery in the country. The company has produced many different bottles for its whiskey, and older bottles are highly sought-after by collectors. Knowing a few key identifiers can help you determine how old your Jack Daniel’s bottle may be. Identify the bottle’s shape.

is the independent consumer guide to beer product dating. It is not owned, operated, affiliated with, or endorsed by any brewery or brewing company. It is not owned, operated, affiliated with, or endorsed by any brewery or brewing

Mail icon The largest of the three, and the one with the earliest starting time, is Morphy Auction’s two-day sale of a single-owner collection of beer cans and brewing-related items. The two sessions begin at 9 a. Friday and Saturday at the gallery outside Reading. The 1, lots – including antique and vintage beer cans, glasses, taps and knobs, and a selection of signs, artwork, and promotional items – were collected over the last 40 years by Adolph Grenke.

Grenke, a former industrial executive in the Chicago area, became aware of beer cans as a collectible in , thanks to a presentation by a Meister Brau salesman, and began collecting himself a few years later after finding a roadside cluster of cans while on a family vacation in Texas. Presale price estimates are accessible at Morphy’s website www. The lots in Friday’s session feature glasses, mugs and steins; artwork and promotional items, many from the Chicago area; and, above all, beer cans.

The one that has the entire sale’s highest presale estimate: Other lots in the session have five-figure presale estimates: Other cans in the session with five-figure presale estimates: Morphy’s is open daily from 9 a. For further information call

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Historically, plenty of beer has been brewed in Chicago with numerous breweries operating in the city. The number of brewing companies reached a peak in the s and s. Unknown Chicago Peter Hand Brewery in , one year before closure.

 · Created by an engineer who, legend has it, found himself at a picnic with beer but no church key, the pull tab was a flat piece of metal riveted to the top of the can that you pulled off to reveal

To hold the brew until you drink it. After that critical mission is complete, most folks, at least those who care about the environment, toss the can in the recycle bin or save them to exchange for cash at the nearest scrap-metal dealer. But others find ways to recycle the aluminum cylinders by turning them into apparel, cameras or even art. Here are some of the coolest. Beer Can Hat The crochet-and-beer-can hat is a common sight at beer festivals, but one artist from Tacoma, Washington, created a niche by using only cans from U.

Did he drink all the beer in those cans? Beer Can Pine Cones Lazy people in a forest toss empty beer cans onto the ground.

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Unfortunately, the majority of beer cans are not dated so it takes a little digging around to establish the approximate date. Below we show how to narrow down the age of beer cans, by A surveying the big picture-more obvious considerations, B reviewing relevant publications, C delving into the can manufacturer’s logos and codes, and, finally, D walking through an example. Big Picture Considerations First check out the obvious features and characteristics of the beer can: However, it is overwhelmingly likely that the appearance of the tax statement places the can between and and the lack of such a statement places the can after March 30, As time passed and manufacturing processes improved, the gauge and weight of cans decreased.

Cans were made mostly of steel from through about

 · all-aluminum beer can appeared in ; it was opened with a “church key.” The first aerosol cans came out in The pull-tab beverage can was introduced in

Monday, January 14, How To Find Old Dumps 1 When ordinary people wrap their minds around the possibility of digging up antique glass bottles and pottery in forgotten heritage sites outdoors, their first question is usually, Is it legal? These two prime questions are uniquely connected; amateur archeology on private property is legal enough, and finding the best places to dig on privately owned land and with the permission of the owner is the highest art of the Dumpdiggers’ subculture.

For only by conducting extensive research and on-site observations, which includes probing and digging countless test pits, can a veteran digger harness his intuition born from years of experience and embrace the possibility of finding buried booty. As per the Dumpdiggers’ Handbook, there are six different types of dump: Town Dump – most towns have more than one dump site. Privy Pit – the old latrine is considered a dump of sorts.

Four Peaks Brewing Co.

Origins[ edit ] Rainier ad in The Seattle Republican newspaper. The original brewery dates all the way back to when A. They launched Rainier beer in [3] and would produce and distribute Rainier for the next decade. In , Rabbeson sold his brewery, along with the Rainier brand, to Kopp and Hemrich.

Flat top beer cans were produced from until the late ’60’s. The rarity ranges from very common to rare with values ranging from $5 to $+. Cans that have the “Internal Revenue Tax Paid” statement on the lid were produced prior to and tend to be more valuable than cans without this ://

Assessing Value Other than how do you hang them? How many trays do you have? The most common question I get is: How much is this tray worth? Are you interested in making me an offer? I like the second question on harder to find trays, but sometimes I feel like I did when I was in Stereo Sales and by the way I was really bad at it because I always wanted to sell the stuff I liked, rather than what the customer was interested in. People like to shop where the most information is available and buy where the prices are the best.

In the case of folks contacting me. I was in a very nice store and we gave excellent customer service. Unfortunately, many people would pump me for hours on information and then go to a discount store and buy. With trays, I see the gambit, some have no clue and are really interested, others are trying to get as much information as possible and maybe even get me to make an offer so they can compare it to what Dan, Brian, Ruddy, Lou, Don or other internet guys are offering.

I can understand the practice, but it can be frustrating at times to see a tray you made a reasonable offer on, which you would really like to add to your collection, show up on another site or more commonly on eBay.

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This is a 9. They all have the same large label, but different labels on the neck: A product of the only brewery located in Washington D.

In , the Theodore Aluminum cans became most common during Hamm Brewing Company of Minnesota intro the s, due primarily to the fact thataluminum duced theirdraft beer in a oz. can shaped like a BEER CANS: A GUIDE FOR THE ARCHAEOLOGIST ^II^Iv^BBB^SwIb tft\Mb3kmxBtkW MmaBBBBBBBBi^^liyi FIGURE

Hires, who discovered a delicious herbal tea made of roots, berries and herbs while on his honeymoon. Other notable inventions such as Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, the Remington typewriter and Heinz Ketchup made their debut too. History Hires continued to experiment with his original recipe and introduced Hires Root Beer at the U. Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.

To build Hires’ awareness, Hires became the first U. Many homes in America had a Hires Root Beer Kit, which allowed families to brew their own root beer by mixing dry extract with water, sugar and yeast at a cost of five cents per gallon. Despite the success of the home kits, Hires decided in that he could sell more root beer if people didn’t have to brew it. He later developed liquid concentrate and soda fountain syrup, as well as bottled root beer. Through the years, Charles Hires’ stubborn insistence on using more expensive ingredients and flavorings than his root beer competitors may have frustrated his accountants, but Hires Root Beer ultimately became a product that was synonymous with high quality.

That high level of quality is still appreciated by today’s loyal Hires consumers. Today, Hires is part of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, an integrated refreshment beverage business marketing more than 50 beverage brands throughout North America.

Can You Drink Beer Past Its Expiration Date?!

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